Coarse Fishing Holidays

Disabled Friendly Self-Catering Family or Coarse Fishing Holidays, in a Cottage, a Bungalow or Static Caravans close to 6 lakes

Nineoaks in Summer a typical Nineoaks Roach! A fine Roach from House Pool Paul Fact from Leicestershire with his fine Roach Nineoaks in Summer


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staying in Beautiful Holiday Cottages or Static Caravans

Basic details of the Roach Fishing and Coarse Fishing Holidays at Nineoaks Angling Centre. Nineoaks is open all year from sunrise to sunset. Although not a big complex, it is nonetheless a good one. A naturally beautiful fishery, and also a first class Angling and Holiday Center, amongst the Anglers’s Mail Top 100 Fisheries. It has 2 Coarse Lakes, a small Novices Pool, and 3 Trout Lakes. Plus some top class Holiday Accommodation comprising Holiday Cottages and superb Static Caravans, all centrally situated and near every lake. Providing excellent Fishing with a large variety of clean, hard fighting Carp and quality Coarse Fish, including Roach, Bream, Tench, Chub and small Barbel. Here the smaller fish think they’re bigger than they are, and never know when to give up! You will be surprised at just how hard they fight!

The Roach go to over 2lb in the House Pool and the Main Lake, and about 3/4lb in the Novices Pool. The deep House Pool contains some lovely Bream 3lb+, some Tench, Grass Carp to 17lb and Carp to 22lb, plus a few Chub and Barbel.

  • In the Main Lake and House Pool there are plenty of good sized Roach, with 6-7oz fish are common, and every chance of landing one of 3/4lb or bigger.
  • Plus, in the Main Lake and House Pool there are all varieties and colours of Carp, including, Commons, Mirrors, Linear, fully scaled Mirrors, Leather, Black “Olde English” Carp, Grass Carp, Koi (yellow, orange and mottled), Golden Carp, Ghost Commons, Ghost Mirror and Silver Carp. From beautiful babies, right through to 20lb+ fish; with an average size of around the 4lb - 5lb mark.
  • There are also many Tench, with the biggest recently around 3lb.
  • The Bream average 1.5lb in House Pool with Many up to 3lb and several bigger ones, with plenty of 3/4lb+ skimmers in the House and the Main Lakes.
  • The House Lake and Main Lake also have some Chub with the largest caught in 2014 of 2.25lb. Stocked a couple of years ago "palm sized" at a couple of ounces each.
  • There are some small but beautiful Barbel in the House and Main Lakes.

For Holiday Accommodation you will have to go a long way to find better, cleaner, fresher smelling than those provided here. We have a couple of Static Caravans, overlooking the lakes, a semi-detached Bungalow plus a Cottage annexe. Both regularly graded by the Welsh Tourist Board of a 4 Star Standard. They are suitable for an angler, perfect for their partner or their family having a luxury holiday. They have Central Heating, fully equipped kitchens, leather couches, power showers - the lot, the only thing we don’t have is a “Hot Tub”!

For more details check out the accommodation and more fishing information using the following choices, or the Photo Gallery for more pictures:-

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6ft 4 Richard with one of our many good sized Roach a typical Nineoaks Roach! A fine Roach from House Pool

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A few notes about the Fishing

With good Fishing throughout the year, some excellent margin fishing, especially spring, summer and autumn, and night terrific angling. Where the “bivvy Brigade” often stop fishing in the very early hours saying "if we didn&rsquot stop we wouldn’t get any sleep" often having landed about 70 Carp in a 24hr session up to 18lb and occasionally bigger.

General Coarse fishing is also good, we have some superb Roach fishing with Roach up to 2lb and plenty 1/2lb or bigger, good Bream about 3lb and over, Grass Carp in nearly every lake and plenty of lovely golden green Tench plus Koi and all species or varieties of Carp. The Carp go up to the mid 20’s with plenty around the 10lb mark and many bigger, with the average Carp around 5lb or 6lb.

Getting around the lakes is easy with grassy ramps for the non-ambulant and good sized wooden platforms aplenty. Almost any bait will catch, floating bread and chum mixer pellets being awesome after 4pm, and in the summer months fish tinned Beef Tongue - fantastic and with the usual bait’s of sweetcorn, luncheon meat, meat balls etc. good anytime at nearly every peg.The House Pool is nearly 10ft deep with a large Lilly pad, and plenty of reeds and bushes and such like around every lake.

The Main lake being around 3-4ft deep with shallow margins whereas the Novice’s pool is around 6-7ft deep with plenty of smaller fish, and some good sized Carp, to keep every one happy.

Overall a place definitely worth a visit and an excellent place to stay whether for a fishing holiday or a family holiday.

The center is located about 2 miles inland from some of the best sandy beaches and beautiful coast line in Wales. There are plenty of things to do and see just a short drive away. Many fisheries are usually isolated and once on-site you have a long travel to find other things to do. Here, you can fish in the morning, take the wife out during the day and return for some spectacular afternoon and evening fishing. What more do you want - a fantastic holiday, superb accommodation and awesome fishing, and no “black marks”?

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