Year 2005 Fishing and Catch Reports

Monthly Catch reports for 2005

Paul Horobin with a winter caught 12.5lb Common Carp Oakford local Richard Turner with a nice bag of Carp from the Novices pool How's this for a beginner - a lovely tench in JANUARY? Young Thomas Baker from Tredegar, Gwent with a nice 8 1/2lb Ghost Mirror from the House Pool A lovely 1lb+ Roach measured against a METER ruler from the House Pool


Catch reports for each year:-

January 2005:

Paul Horobin with a winter caught 12.5lb Common Carp Oakford local Richard Turner with a nice bag of Carp from the Novices pool

1. Coarse Fishing

With the run up to Christmas fishing has been quiet. The most recent notable fish had been an 8lb common caught by regular Brian Scott from Aberystwyth, bait was a portion of sausage meat.

The monthly Open Match before Christmas was fished in the new novices pool. The winner was late arrival Richard Turner from Oakford who had a mixed bag of Carp and Roach to 11lb 14oz (picture attached 2004 225) and November’s winner, 7 year old Reece Mccreedie, came second with a nice bag of Roach.

How's this for a beginner - a lovely tench in JANUARY? Over the Christmas/New Year period despite the very difficult and changing weather fishing has been surprisingly good with some excellent Carp being caught and some good Tench. An exceptional fish for this time of year was a 2 1/2lb Tench was caught by Gary Drawn of Rhydlewis from the House pool on 13th, January.

The best Carp so far this year has been an 11lb 2oz caught by Paul Horobin of Newtown who also had another of 9 1/2lb both on Bacon Grill. On the same day Huw Davies also caught a 9lb very fat Common Carp from the House pool.

Next Open Coarse match will be on Sunday 20th February 2005. Draw starts at 9:30am for a 10am start.

2. Trout Fishing

Unlike the Coarse fishermen the Trout anglers have been reluctant to venture out during the blustery weather consequently not many notable fish have been landed. The best so far was a 4lb Rainbow caught by Steffan Jones of Llandysul when he and his colleague Lloyd Griffiths on a day when the weather was very changeable had nearly a dozen fish between them. However, our latest stocking has “topped up” the larger fish in our 3 Trout lakes with Many over 3lb and several around the 7lb mark.

Next Open trout match will be on Sunday 30th January 2005. Draw starts at 9:30am for a 10am start.

Despite some inclement weather and a “little” breeze plus the run up to Christmas, those that ventured out had some good sport.

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No report made

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6ft 4in Richard in comparison with his excellent 15" Roach A lovely 1lb+ Roach measured against a METER ruler from the House Pool

1. Coarse Fishing

A picture of a 1 3/4lb Roach caught over the weekend by local 6l’s 4” lad Richard Turner in our top Coarse lake, called House Lake using red maggot.

The ruler in the picture is a 1 meter rule not a 12” one.

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Coarse Fishing:

Gary from South Wales with a lovely 24lb Mirror caught on a large piece of Luncheon meat and a borrowed rod! Here on the coast in mid-wales the weather has been very mild, sunny and dry with virtually no rain at all.

Steffan Bell from Rossendale and his friends had over 50 Carp each on a day when everything was right for them.

Mrs Rickie Freeman on Balenporth had an 11lb Common from the margins while her daughter had a 4 1/2lb mirror.

A proud youngster shows off his catch of a lovely skimmer Bream Many Carp around the 10-12lb mark were being caught in the margins on various bait’s including sausage, luncheon meats, maggots and floating bread.

Many families (Dad, Mum etc) had brilliant days fishing in our “novices” pool with everyone catching many good fish in the margins with the best bait being bacon grill on the hook and small pieces being regularly flicked around the float. Quite a number of junior anglers fishing for the first time in the “novices” pool had some fine Carp and Bream. Just when we were hoping for a good double figure carp to be caught Gary Lawrie of Abercynon obliged by catching a cracking 24lb 4oz Linear Mirror on luncheon meat. Gary was extremely lucky to land the fish as it took him around one of our aerators in the Main Lake and by holding his rod high he was able to coax his line free and after a further 15 minute tussle landed the fish. Early morning and evening stalking the margins with floating bread has produced many good fish in all of our Coarse lakes. Best Grass Carp so far has been one of 9lb 3oz taken from the House Lake.

Trout Fishing:

A fine example of our lovely 5lb Rainbow Trout on a wet fly from the Trout Pools Many good fish have been caught this month with plenty in the 3-4lb bracket.Best times being early morning or late afternoon with Many fish topping during the last hour of sunlight.

Earlier in the month Most were being taken on lures but as the month progressed buzzers were starting to catch with the occasional fish were being taken on a dry. Early in the month Richard Elliott from Llangeitho had a 6.5lb Rainbow on a Diawl Bach, John Davies of Chirbury fishing the Welsh Witch Flies tied by his wife had Rainbows of 8lb 6oz, 8lb and 7lb 14oz amongst his bag of 24 all on catch and release. John’s wife Keri’s best fish was one of 6lb 14oz while Gary Lawrie of Abercynon caught a 4 3/4lb rainbow on a fritz just in time for a barbecue!

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No report made

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No report made

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Many double figure Carp have been caught the past month with Many at this time of the year stall falling to floating bread, bacon grill or fresh sausage. Most fish being caught close in especially under or near bushes. Nick Clements of Cilgraig near Llandysul fishing floating bread in atrocious weather had 15 Carp. The best 3 were Carp of 10lb 2oz, 10lb 8oz and 12lb 10oz. On his next trip here, the 15th, October, Nick using the same tactics had a 15lb Common Carp. On the 27th, October a 22 ½ lb Mirror carp was caught on luncheon meat. Regular Bryan Scott of Aberystwyth and a specialist at fishing with uncooked sausage meat regularly catches 24+ Carp into double figures. His tactics are to use sausage under a pole float on a float rod fished close in. Our best Carp so far this year has been a 24 1/4lb Mirror caught by Gary Lawrie of Cardiff.

Through the actions of the Fishery Owners and some regulars we have now established a Nineoaks Fishing Club, fully insured and operational. The club is now seeking additional members and club members will have some special benefit’s at the Fishery. Please call or email us if you are interested in joining the club?

We are restricting trout fishing two of our three lakes because we are planning to drain and net the lake known as Weir. Due to the weather the netting exercise has been postponed a couple of times. As soon as we are able we hope to accomplish the task and restore the lake and the stock of Trout back to it’s former self. Trout fishing continues to be productive with Many 4 fish bags weighing over 10lbs. Average fish being about 2lb each. Most being caught on a floating line with long leader using rubber daddies, imitation shrimp and green Montana’s.

Before year-end A Winter Picture showing the snow covering of the Main Lake A winter picture showing the snow covered entrance sign

Following the heavy snow and frozen lakes, except for the very hardy angler very few have ventured out. Most small Carp and decent Roach have come from the Novices Pool, mainly of float fished sweetcorn. All other lakes being covered in thick ice.

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