Fishing and Catch Reports during 2010

Account of the Fishing during 2010

A photograph of Nick with an 11lb Common from the Main Lake A close-up of Nick’s linear Mirror from the Main Lake A photograph of Lee Burke of Lampeter with his first ever Carp of 3 1/4lb from the House Pool A photograph of the best looking Common James has ever caught he said, it was captured by the landing stage at the top end of the main lake on dog biscuit A photograph of 11.5lb common carp that was caught near the spit on the main lake. It gave a good fight and almost lost around a tree, but was subdued after 10 mins. of hard struggle


Catch reports for each year:-

December 2009:

A Winter Picture showing the snow covering of the Main Lake A winter picture showing the snow covered entrance sign

Following the heavy snow and frozen lakes, except for the very hardy angler very few have ventured out. Most small Carp and decent Roach have come from the Novices Pool, mainly of float fished sweetcorn.

All other lakes are covered in thick ice.

Roll on spring and warmer weather!


Coarse Fishing:

The hardier Coarse anglers have been determined to fish regardless of the weather sitting out in all weathers. Regardless of the weather sport has been good with up to 50 Roach to 1/2lb and before the snows were still taking the occasional Carp on floating Bread.

Since the ice and snow have departed Carp have been caught again with a few on floating bread, the best so far have been in the 8-9lb range and one “good un” being lost at the net. Bream to 2lb Bream and good Roach have been the staple sport as you would expect with some 1/2lb+ Roach regularly being caught. Pre-soaked pellets, sweetcorn and worm tipped with sweetcorn being very good and maggots (if you can get them) have been the main bait’s with hemp as ground bait.

In the Main Lake many anglers are trotting in the feeder flow into the lake or fishing from the “helicopter pad” or close -in under the bushes. Ground baiting with a mix that includes hemp helps to improve catches. Ted Cole of Cardigan caught the best Roach at 1 1/2lb. His best session also included 1/2 dozen Carp with the best around 6lb.

Trout Fishing:

During Rebruary we have had a mixed bag of weather, everything from heavy frosts, frozen lakes and mid-afternoon snow falls to fair weather as the month ends. However, although it has been cold and slow, some good hard fightin’ fish are coming out.

With a few anglers braving the cold they have had some good Trout and bags of fish. The “catch & release” boys have caught up to 10 fish to about 3lb mainly on short tailed cats whisker or white fritz’s with Montanas, Orange fritzs and the like all doing well. Short tailed flies fished very slowly help as the fish are taking very gently and not hitting the flies hard as they would in the summer.

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Weather report:

At the beginning of April we had a couple of days of Sleet and snow. Then for the remainder of the month the weather has more or less been warm and dry, with the occasional overnight bout of rain towards the month end.

Coarse Fishing:

Plenty of good sized 6oz+ Roach have been caught in the Main and House lakes, and often much larger fish too. A 1lb Roach has been caught on sweetcorn in the Novices Pool plus a 5lb Common Carp. Ex Headmaster Chris from Pembrokeshire, had 40 Carp in to double figures from the Main lake by alternating the bait’s he was feeding every 5 or 6 fish caught. Which is a good tactic to change the bait every few fish to keep things “fresh” as this often keeps them looking for feed, and so improves the catch rate and quantity of fish caught.

Robin Hamon, from Lyme Regis, fishing with light tackle had a cracking few days fishing holiday with us catching plenty of good Roach and Carp plus the odd Tench and Bream, and topped off with a large Grass Carp from the Main Lake that he estimated to be around 20lb. Steve Lloyd from Greasby, Wirral also had some excellent sport on the long pole fishing a variety of bait’s including sweetcorn and pellets. On his second day he had a mixed bag of Carp and Roach for over 150lb of fish, with Many Roach approaching 1lb and Carp into double figures. Absolutely exhausted and very pleased with himself, “I’m definitely coming back” he said and promptly booked a week in August for himself and his wife in Craigfryn, our cottage annex!

We have spent the past 12 months twice weekly fishing out the small Roach out of all pools and this has dramatically increased the average size of Roach being caught, with 1/2lb’ers and above being caught fairly regularly. Small Brown Trout are again in all the Trout Pools and we continue to slowly increase the amount of margin plants around all edges of each lake. In the next week or two the Yellow Flag Iris should begin to bloom and the place should look stunning once again.

Trout Fishing:

During very sunny days of this dry April, Trout have only been landed during the last hour of each day, as the shadows grew longer and the temperature dropped. During the overcast days with slight southerly or westerly breezes Trout have been coming out at all times of the day.

The best flies have been the black buzzer fished about 3ft deep, Goldhead Damsels, Fritzes in various colours, the Cats Whisker or Hares Ear. Many anglers on Catch and Release tickets have done very well landing 6 or more fish in a 4hr session. Most Trout have been around the 2-2 1/2lb mark with the very occasional slightly smaller one. Which have overwintered from an accidental delivery of undersized Trout early last year than the usual 2lb+ Blues and Rainbow stockies that we have.

Since the 15th May Trout many have been caught on Dry Fly during the afternoons and evenings. The surface of the lakes have been smothered in small flies, gnats and so on. Most Trout have been in the 2lb - 2.5lb range.

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Weather Report:

Throughout June the weather has more or less been warm and dry with the occasional bout of overnight rain and early July the weather has been a mix of clammy days and overcast days with warm, sultry afternoons as the ambient temperature continues to rise.

Coarse Fishing:

Kyle as he proudly presents one of many good Carp caught by him and his Dad at Nineoaks A happy holiday angler as he proudly presents one of many good Carp caught by him at Nineoaks A photograph of 11.5lb Mirror carp that was caught from the House Pool

Sweetcorn, luncheon meat, small boilies, paste and cat food plus various floating bait’s such as dog biscuit’s, waffle and bread are all catching fish regularly. Early mornings and late afternoons, especially on floating bait’s, can produce some spectacular results.

Fairly frequently 10lb+ fish are being caught with the best this month at 17lb, several 14’s, 12’s and plenty of 10’s and many near 10’s. Our average Carp being around the 5-6lb mark. The Roach fishing is becoming superb with plenty of “big” Roach being caught. We are almost at the point where we can nearly guarantee at least a 1/2lb fish per session with Many much bigger coming out regularly.

A photograph of an 10lb Mirror caught on bait banded Chum Mixer pellets by young Mr White Local angler Mark shows off his prowess at catching and landing a quality 15lb Grassie

Plenty of Tench, skimmers and good Bream are being caught too. Local Grass Carp specialist, Mark Roberts of Ffosy Ffin, fishing floating dog biscuit’s has stalked and landed 2 fish - an 11lb and one at 15lb with bigger fish eluding him so far.

Three regulars Peter, Martin and James, from the Penrhiwgaled Arms, New Quay, who fish floating Purina dog biscuit’s have tremendous sport, just inches out from the bank, while standing behind the many bushes and reed beds that surround the edges and banks of all lakes.

Trout Fishing:

As we go from June in to July the catch rate of Trout ,as expected, has slowed down. Early mornings and late evenings are definitely the best times to fish, as the ambient temperature is cooler and shadows longer. While the Trout lakes are covered with Damsels and lots of other fly life the sunny summer days are not helping the Trout angler one bit. Since the middle of June many Trout have been caught on tiny black dry flies.

The best wet flies have been the black and green Vivas or Montanas fished on a slow retrieve close to the bottom with Goldhead Damsels, Fritzes in various colours, the Cats Whisker or Hares Ear all producing fish. Black & Yellow and other colours rubber legged Daddies are another deadly fly to be fished here. Either fished on a floating line with long leader or on an intermediate line. Our average fish is around the 2lb to 2.5lb mark with Many bigger. One angler caught and lost at the net a fish estimated around the 9lb mark.

The lakes are almost algae free, and the aerators built in to the bottom of each lake are on all through the night. The surface of the lakes have been smothered with small flies, gnats and so on and plenty of different coloured Damsels including the infrequently seen “Beautiful Demoiselle Fly<”./p>

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