The Fishery’s Rules of Good Angler Conduct

Sensible Fishing at Nine Oaks Angling Centre!


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Sensible Angling Behaviour

All personal nets (landing or keepnets) must be completely submerged in any of the disinfectant bins provided, for at least 10 minutes, before commencing fishing. Please dip your nets into a bin before doing anything else, that way they get thoroughly disinfected while you’re unpacking the rest of your gear. Finally, collect it on the way down to your peg - easy peasy!

  • Fishing Times are from Sunrise to Sunset. Please don’t ring the bell before 8am - just go fishing, and we will catch up with you when we do our daily walk around the lakes.
  • Keep nets are not allowed unless used in a permitted match.
  • Barbless Hooks only please for Coarse Fishing and when Game fishing – any angler caught using barbed hooks, on any Coarse Lake or while Game Fishing, is likely to be barred!
  • For Coarse Fishing the maximum hook size is a size 6 barbless hook.
  • A Landing net must be used when landing any fish, no matter how small.
  • An un-hooking mat should be used for all Carp.
  • Boilies in moderation only, absolutely no freebies as groundbait.
  • Trout pellets and other feeds are available as ground bait or method mixes.
  • All litter to be collected and placed in the bins provided before departing, your co-operation would be appreciated.
  • All anglers please fill in a “catch and return” report before departing.
  • An Angler fishing this fishery is expected to have and be able to produce a current rod licence.
  • The fishery bailiff may check your equipment, and you are expected to cooperate, should a check be requested.
  • Due to the depth of water at this fishery, caution should be exercised when near the lakeside.
  • All Children under 14 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.
  • Night Fishing by prior appointment only.
  • All Coarse fish to be returned - alive, and none to be taken off-site.
  • Please kneel when taking photographs of fish, and preferably hold your fish over an un-hooking mat or long grass if you don’t have one.
  • Please enjoy and don’t abuse the site or the facilities provided.

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