Fly Fishing for Trout at Nine Oaks Angling Center

Lake Fishing for Trout with a Fly

Postmaster Mike with some lovely Trout Two lads who had a blinder on our Trout Lakes with a good catch of lovely Rainbow Trout # # Master Harry Brooker with a 3lb 9oz Rainbow


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Layout and Aerial view of Nineoaks

A good days fishing?

Two anglers with the results of a fine days Trout Fishing, including Trout to 6lb Nineoaks in Summer
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Fishery layout

A plan of the Fishery, its buildings and its lakes

Aerial view of Fishery

An aerial view of Fishery, courtesy of Google
Aerial map, courtesy of Google

We allow fishing on a “Catch and Release” or “Catch and Return” basis as well as “Catch and Take”. When you’re not fishing for “the Table” your hooks must be either barbless or debarbed. An easy way to debarb your hooks is to hold the point and barb in the jaws of a pair of forceps or pliars; then roll the hook backwards and forwards a couple of times between the jaws. Doing this should easily remove the barb.

See the menu panel left for the cost of Fishing.

For the “Catch and Take” Angler there are 2 fish, 3 fish or 4 fish tickets and you may have as many tickets as you like - providing you pay for each one!

A 2 fish ticket is for the first 2 fish OR 4 hours fishing whichever comes first - your first 2 fish OR the 4 hours. Similarly, a 3 fish ticket is 3 fish OR 6 hours fishing, and likewise a 4 fish ticket is your first 4 fish OR 8 hours fishing.

Depending on season, there are plenty of Damsel Flies, including the elusive “Beautiful Damsel”, which has purple velvet wings instead of gossamer wings. Other flies include the Black Hawthorn Fly, the Red Alder Fly, Dragon Flies, Duns, May Flies, the little white Caenis (the Angler’s Curse), Olives and sedges plus other flies such as Daddies. Besides the nymph stages of these flies there are also plenty of freshwater shrimp.
There are plenty of overhanging trees to cast to, near and for the skilful underneath, open areas for easy casting and many close, challenging spots. Two of the three lakes have running water, and the third “Pallen” is spring fed.
Our small on-site Tackle Shop has growing selection of Flies and Fly Gear. Including Tackle, Bags, Rods and Reels including the awesome Beulah Range of Rods, Fly Lines and Reels. Plus the elusive "Welsh Witch" flies.
We stock throughout the year with a minimum size of 2lb Trout, with enough Trout to give sport but not so many as to make it easy. The Trout are hard fighting fish, and many run 2/3rds along each lake before being turned for more runs; Not the biggest fish you’ll catch but fish worthy of catching.

Wet flies on small hooks are often the best to use with, Damsels, Montanas, Diawl Bach, Nymphs and Fritz’s frequently producing the goods. Each lake has a different personality and preference for different colours of the same fly.

All tickets allow fishing on any of our 3 Trout lakes. However, from time to time one lake will be designated and sign posted as “Catch & Release” only. Please comply with this notice.

Nineoaks has, besides the 3 Trout Lakes, 3 Coarse lakes too including a small one that we call the Novices pool. Don't get hung up on the name "novices" you will have a good day's coarse fishing with plenty of quality Roach, Carp and nice Bream. Do give it a try.

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