How much does it cost to Fish When Staying Here?

The Fishing costs when staying in our on-site Holiday Accommodation for Trout, Carp & Coarse Fishing.

Nineoaks in Summer youngster from Llangollen with a fine Common visiting angler lands excellent Carp from Main Pool There are plenty more Trout like this 3lb'er?


Fishing Times are Sunrise to Sunset. Please don’t ring the bell before 8am - just go fishing and we will catch up with you when we do our daily walk around.

A night scene photograph

Night Fishing

£20.00 per night (24 hours), Night Fishing by prior appointment only.

For Night Anglers the price covers two rods.

Particular Night Fishing Rules Apply, see here for more information of them.

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Equipment Hire

  • Landing Net £1.00
  • Coarse rod, disgorger and Landing net £5.00. Should you lose or damage a disgorger or float you will be charged £1 for each broken item.
  • Trout rod, line and leader and Landing net + 6 flies £5.00. You are welcome to change the flies at no additional cost, and also no cost for an additional leader. However, should you lose a fly you will be charged £1 for each lost fly!
  • Fishing Umbrellas are available at £2 each per day. Broken or damaged brollies will have to be paid for!
A £5 deposit is required on all items. Breakages and/or lost items e.g. Float or Fly charged at £1 each.

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No standing when taking your &ldquot;fishy” pictures; Please kneel and preferably over an un-hooking mat or long grass.

Wherever possible please unhook your fish in the landing net held between your knees. If you must unhook fish on the ground we insist on a carp mat being used.

Landing nets supplied by yourselves must be of a suitable size and of Carp friendly material. All personal nets must be dipped for at least 10 minutes in the disinfectant tubs provided before rinsing them? The best way of doing this is - put them in the tubs as soon as you arrive, before doing anything else; Them when you have finished faffing about, collecting your gear, choosing a peg etc., 10 minutes will have passed easily!

Please ensure that feed/ground-baits are only used in moderation?

Please clear away any rubbish into the bins provided around the fishery before leaving your peg?

Plastic chairs are available f.o.c, please return them to the main gate at the end of your session.

Please read our basic Fishing rules here as they also contain some good practices

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