Safety Rules for Night Fishing?

Safely Fishing at Night.

A night scene photograph Night Time Carp Nineoaks at Night
Layout and Aerial view of Nineoaks

A good nights fishing?

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Fishery layout

A plan of the Fishery, its buildings and its lakes

Aerial view of Fishery

An aerial view of Fishery, courtesy of Google
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For reasons of safety the following are our Night Fishing Rules that apply to every Night Angler!

A night scene photograph

Night Fishing

  • Night Fishing by prior arrangement only;
  • There must be at least two anglers fishing together; No angler is allowed to night fish alone..
  • No fishing anywhere on the Trout Lakes;
  • No fish to be taken off-site;
  • No petrol or similar combustible fuels anywhere near the bank sides;
  • A maximum of 2 rods per person;
  • A Bivvy, tent or similar all-night angling cover must be used;
  • An un-hooking mat to be used at all times - without exception;
  • At least one proper night lantern for lighting the base area, and each angler must wear their own headlight! If you don’t have these then you won’t be allowed to fish. Headlights are available to purchase on-site;
  • We recommend that you have proper waterproofs to be available, even if not worn;
  • Spare Warm clothing, jumpers, socks etc., also to be available - at 3am you can not believe how cold it can become, even in summer!
12.75lb Common Carp caught by local Mark on dog biscuit at the end of a v.cold day Large Common Carp caught by a local angler 'Mark' on sweetcorn after a hard fight

The cost, a trifling £22 each for each 24hours fishing? Night anglers often do one of two things - they remove their rods from the water about 2am, so they can have some sleep! Or, they fish on and pack up at 6am - knackered! The night fishing for our Carp can be awesome during the spring, summer and autumn months.

Please dip for 10 minutes all personal landing nets before fishing - thank you for your co-operation.

Click here for the contact details of the fishery if you are considering visiting us or wish to know how we can help you?

Our lakes:-

Main has an average depth of 4-5ft. There are plenty of trees, bushes and bays all around the lake that provide lots of features to fish in to and under. A good variety of Carp of all sizes with the biggest going into the mid-20’s. Main also has some excellent Roach fishing, skimmers, Tench and Grass carp up to 14lb. Bream are reputed to be in to double figures with a large black specimen infrequently caught. Mainly Bream of around 3/4-1lb mark are caught on sweetcorn.

House is about 10ft deep in the middle with the margins being about 4ft deep. Plenty of features and trees/bushes on 3 sides and a large lilly bed. House. like Main, has a good head of Carp plus Bream, excellent Roach, Tench and a couple of Grass Carp up to 10lb. Carp here go up to 18lb with an average of about 4lb. With its good depth, fishing on the bottom away from the banks generally with sweetcorn, good number of decent Bream are caught. Mainly around the 1-1 1/2lb mark. With a few bigger specimens and plenty of smaller ones to keep you busy.

Novices is between 6 and 8ft deep in the middle. Some tree cover and deep margins. Carp up to 4lb with plenty of 1/2lb’ers and good Roach to keep the novice, beginner or expert angler busy all day. there are a small number of skimmer Bream in this pool. To one side of the Lake there is a thick hedge providing plenty of cover when it’s windy.

Gift Vouchers are available for the purchase of Fishing Lessons, goods or services at the Fishery, including Fishing days, Tackle, Tuition or any combination. Please let us know what and who the gift voucher is for and a personalised card will be prepared. There is a £2 charge for P&P.