Standard Facilities included in each Static Caravan.

Fixtures and Fittings, Bedding, Toaster, power, Gas etc. that are/are not provided

Outside one of the Caravans The Main Lake from the Lounge of Caravan #1 One half of the Kitchen area of Caravan #1 The Dining area of Caravan #1 Partial view of Lounge area of Caravan #1 The Dining area of Caravan #2 The T.V area of Caravan #2 The Lounge of Caravan #2 with fully sprung, comfortable seating


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The fixtures provided for your comfort and convenience

Provided in Snowdrop & Craigfryn

Fully Furnished and equipped to high standards, for convenience and to minimize the amount that you need to bring.
  • All Bed Linen, Quilts & Pillows on weekly lets only;
  • All Cutlery & Crockery;
  • 2 x Tea Towels;- please leave them behind when departing!
  • A Microwave;
  • Full sized Cooker & Fridge with decent Freezer Compartment
  • 2 x Toilet Rolls;
  • All Gas & Electricity included;
  • Freeview TV;
  • 1 Bottle of Washing-up Liquid & 1 Bottle of Hand soap;
  • Steam Iron & Ironing Board;
  • Wi-fi - access is currently unavailable;

What we don’t Provide

  • All Personal Towels, bath sheets etc.
  • Any Personal Soaps and shampoos.

Not Permitted or allowed

The Couches ARE NOT to be used as beds at any time; alternatives sleeping arrangements are available!

To minimise the fire risk, we request that you refrain from smoking when inside at all times.

For the comfort and pleasure of our guests we have a strict “No Smoking” Policy.

Using cutlery, scissors, knives or forks from the kitchen as fishing equipment or as screwdrivers, spanners or other tools is definitely a no no!
Tools can be provided should you require any?

WARNING - NO Smoking - We operate a NO SMOKING  Policy inside all of our accommodation. Smoking indoors constitues a fire risk and doing so will incur the loss of your damages deposit!

SMOKING inside is not permitted at any time. Doing so is a fire risk for which you will be held liable in full for any subsequent damage. Smoking indoors will result in immediate termination of your occupancy without compensation. Also, after you’ve left, any signs of you having Smoked indoors during your stay will result in forfeiture of your damages deposit.

Personal Bath towels are available and can be hired at a cost of £5 per towel

CONSIDERATION: Please, do not leave lights, fires, heaters or heated towel rail ON unnecessarily at any time (day or night) - just be careful and considerate please?

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